Guns and Where to Get ‘Em

I was watching the ID channel this morning w/my brother Bill and given where we were, we decided that there’s no obvious places whereby we can exercise our 2nd amendment rights and blow stuff to smithereens.  While not particularly interested in forming a militia, I DO insist upon being able to purchase weapons, for personal gratification issues of course.

He had no idea where to purchase a firearm while my best guess was a place a mile down the road called “Gun Store”.  As succinct and to the point as this name is, I feel something a little jazzier might boost interest and sales. Here’s some ideas…

“Wally’s House of AK-47’s- Where We Never Say ‘NYET!'”

“Machine Gun Alley- You’re Always the Kingpin Here”

For the more passionate collector how ’bout “Luger Lovers!”?

“At Grenade Launcher Larry’s, We Just Explode W/Values!” (free mortars w/every purchase!)

“Pistolero Pete’s-Our Savings Will Blow Your Brains Out!”

For anyone in my area who doesn’t mind the possibility of accidentally discharging their weapon resulting in a shot thru the wall, possibly maiming a neighbor or blowing a hole in their own foot, there’s some real possibilities here.


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